Pertinent Experiences

The Aesthetic Playground

Landscape architects have always been able to find products at Imagineo that contribute to the uniqueness of their particular projects.  Our play equipment –games of shape and color- fit perfectly in innovative play areas that aim to combine practicality and a high aesthetic standard. Our play structures, with their contemporary architectural designs, are not only pleasant to look at; they make you want to play, jump, and swing.

Furthermore, Imagineo always makes sure to meet the highest quality standards, while respecting the technical constraints inherent in your project.  We make sure:

  • there is excellent drainage in the play area;
  • all equipment is non-flammable;
  • equipment is resistant to vandalism;
  • cleanliness, security and comfort are prioritized;
  • the play area is compliant with CSA (CAN/CSA Z614-03) standards (Canadian standards for security in play areas);
  • no toxic or allergenic elements are used in the manufacture of our equipment.

We are confident that the variety of products we offer will inspire you in the design and development of great public spaces for young and old alike.


If you are presently working on a project for a city or an early childhood center, we suggest you consult the sections on our web site related your type of project. We are sure that our exclusive selection of urban furniture will spark your creativity and satisfy your client’s needs. :

  • Play units for children
  • Park and school equipment
  • Skateboard tracks and ramps
  • Citystade
  • Multi-sport spaces
  • Water games