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Play Module

Project : Baie de Beauport

Location : Québec

This project was completed for the 400th anniversary of Quebec City.

Project : Beach Lake Major (play module)

Location : Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts

Under the theme of water play module Boat-Jungle of Kompan was well suited.

Project : Bourg-Royal Park

Location : Québec City

The ICON made its entrance into Quebec City. Indeed, it is in the Charlesbourg borough, at Bourg-Royal park, that the active game switches to digital age.

Project : Capital Park

Location : Ottawa

This project was carried out in the great city of Ottawa.

Project : Centre de la Nature

Location : Laval

The Nature Center, located in Laval, is one of the first parks to install an ICON module : The Space.

Project : Charpentier-Chevrier Park

Location : Brossard

Carpenter-Chevrier Park is located in Brossard. This is a wonderful playground for children of all ages. Alone or in groups, the modules that we find offer a wide range of...

Project : Claude Henri-Gringnon Park

Location : Ste-Adele

The new layout of the park Ste-Adèle will not leave you indifferent!

Project : Claude Lake Park

Location : Saint-Jérôme

Looking for a good park nearby St. Jerome? Claude Lake Park has everything to please young...

Project : De la Cité Park

Location : Longueuil

This magnificent park of Longueuil offers beautiful scenery, a large pond and several trails and bike paths for nature lovers...

Project : Des Écores park

Location : Québec

A park that will satisfy all children, regardless of their age ... It contains several types of modules that develop a wide variety of recreational values​​.

Project : Des Fondateurs Park

Location : Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury

The new ROBINIA serie by Kompan is honored in the playground of Stoneham and Tewskebury Des Fondateurs Park. Indeed, there are several game modules made of robinia...

Project : Fossambault-sur-le-Lac Sports Park

Location : Fossambault-sur-le-Lac

The Fossambault-sur-le-Lac sports park underwent a facelift with the addition of several attractions that are sure to please the citizens.

Project : Harris Tot Lot Park

Location : Ottawa

This project was implemented in a small residential park in Ottawa. Kompan playing modules allow a maximum of experience and hours of fun for local children.

Project : Horizon park

Location : Repentigny

Construction of a playground 2-5 years. These include, among other things, a beautiful Ark Explorer.

Project : Imagination park

Location : Côte St-Luc

A small park that thinks big. One of the first park in Quebec with installation of the Kompan's ICON...

Project : Joseph-Olivier-Chauveau Park

Location : Québec City

Joseph-Olivier Chauveau park is located in the heart of a densely populated residential area where there are a large amount of care. The park is a good place to exchanges...

Project : Lamontagne Park

Location : Saint-Jérôme

This park has it all! Whether for toddlers or older children, everyone will find a way to have fun...

Project : Levesque Park

Location : Saguenay

This park had a major overhaul following the original plans, designed in 1946 by landscape architect Frederick G. Todd.

Project : Lucien-Gendron Park

Location : Gatineau

This is in Gatineau that we find the first SmartPlayground of Kompan installed in Quebec. Lucien-Gagnon Park has chosen to combine fun, fantastic tales and technologies...

Project : Marie-Victorin park

Location : Kingsey Falls

Installation of a playground for children in the beautiful Marie-Victorin Kingsey Falls.

Project : Monique-Corriveau Library

Location : Québec

Construction of a playground for younger visitors of the Monique-Corriveau Library.

Project : Notre-Dame-de-Foy Park

Location : Quebec

It's in the Notre-Dame-de-Foy Park, located in Sainte-Foy-Sillery-Cap-Rouge in Quebec, that we had the chance to install our first WaterJourney...

Project : Parc Anse à Cartier

Location : Québec

Mr. Jean Cloutier, Leisure Director at the time this project was completed, told us that he is very satisfied with the way l’Anse-à-Cartier Park turned out.

Project : Parc Bienville

Location : Laval

Project : Parc Charcot

Location : Boucherville

Project : Parc de la Côte (Côte-Nord)

Location : Longue-Rive

Project : Parc de la Cote

Location : Mascouche

Project : Parc de la Gare

Location : Mont-Saint-Hilaire City

This is one of the most beautiful park Imagineo on the South Shore including only Kompan playground equipments...

Project : Parc de l’Anse

Location : Sept-Iles

Le projet s’est réalisé grâce à une superbe collaboration entre le service des loisirs et le conseiller municipal du quartier.

Project : Parc des Ambassadeurs

Location : Laval

Project : Parc des Optimistes

Location : Mascouche

Project : Parc des Roselins

Location : Saint-Jérôme

Project : Parc du Bocage

Location : Ville de Montréal

Project : Parc du Petit Moulin

Location : Québec

Dans ce parc, un vieux moulin au chachet historique est présent.

Project : Parc du Relais

Location : Gatineau

A nice park with Kompan play modules for all kids.

Project : Parc Gérard-Lavallée

Location : Lavaltrie

Project : Parc Henri-Dunant

Location : Laval

Project : Parc Joachim du Bellay

Location : Laval

Project : Parc Louis-Laberge

Location : L'Assomption

Project : Parc Marc-Aurèle Fortin

Location : Blainville

Project : Parc Mille Lieux de la colline

Location : Chicoutimi (Saguenay)

A great achievement of Imagineo including several products such as modules, splashpad, synthetic surfaces ...

Project : Parc Montauban

Location : Blainville

Project : Parc Montceau

Location : Laval

Project : Parc Municipal

Location : East Broughton

Here is a non-traditional structure and providing additional challenges and suitable for young and older people who use the park.

Project : Parc Ridgewood

Location : Gatineau

Situés dans un milieu où la nature est omniprésente, les équipements choisis s’harmonisent parfaitement avec le milieu environnant.

Project : Parc Soleil-Levant

Location : Mascouche

Project : Parc Tourbillon

Location : Saint-Jérôme

Project : Parc Val-des-Arbres

Location : Laval

Project : Parc-École Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption

Location : Blainville

Project : Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau Park

Location : Côte-Saint-Luc

Here is a superb Signature Imagineo project designed specifically for Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau Park in Côte-Saint-Luc. With its custom modules and the complete layout of several...

Project : Quai-de-la-Tortue park

Location : Verdun

Located near the river, Quai-de-la-Tortue park is one of the first parks in Quebec to have the electronic module : ICON.

Project : St-Martin Place

Location : Laval

This Laval park includes several modules offering a wide variety of games for neighborhood children.

Project : Villeneuve Park

Location : Montreal

This park located in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough is the first one in Quebec with the custom made Robinia play modules...