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Play Module 0-5

Company : Kompan

Range : Element

Age group : 2-5

Product : Circuit - [ELE400037]

Ludic value : Experience, Simulation, Meet, Escalade, Glisse, Training, Equilibre

Description :

For a smaller space, the Circuit offers plenty of play possibilities. A double slide and vertical climbing net encourage active play, while a play counter underneath the large platform provides a space for quieter activity. The double slide, with its split bed-way, promotes social play when two children slide down at the same time. A steering wheel attached at the flagpole provides a prop for dramatic role-play. An accessible transfer system provides easy access to the elevated events. The Circuit features two manipulative accessories called Play Switchers. These circular turning pieces, incorporated into the ELEMENTS panels, are great for experimental and pretend play. They also enhance social play, since one child can operate a Play Switcher while others gather to enjoy the show! The Circuit includes the Crown and the Dolphin Play Switchers.

Available in Quebec, in the Maritimes and in Eastern Ontario