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Play Module 0-5

Company : Kompan

Range : Element

Age group : 2-5

Product : Overhead Ladder - [ELET4900865]

Ludic value : Training, Equilibre

Description :

Overhead Ladder is especially appealing for kids on the older end of the 2–5 age range, who feel ready for “big kid” play and want more of a challenge. The length and height of the ladder are just right: not so great as to intimidate, and not so small as to make one feel unchallenged. When children master this event, they will increase not only their physical strength, but their confidence as well. Underneath the ladder are two tightropes with plastic balls attached. Children can use the ropes for balancing games, and the balls provide a visual contrast to prevent kids from running underneath.

Available in Quebec, in the Maritimes and in Eastern Ontario