Why work at Imagineo?

Imagineo's corporate vision is clear: play is a child’s fundamental right.  This vision is what motivates us as we work daily towards children’s growth and happiness, while making sure our company and employees grow in the same way.

Our view on the management of human resources is simple. We consider that each employee fulfils a crucial function and actively contributes to Imagineo's expansion.  Their role: create spaces and recreational environments in which all children can blossom and grow.  After all, it is the children who are ultimately our most important clients.  In order to achieve this goal, each employee is invited to take on his or her responsibilities in a self-sufficient manner while at the same time acknowledging the individual efforts made by his or her colleagues and work team.

For equity’s sake, the salary for each position is decided upon using a wage grid and each employee is evaluated in an objective manner according to his or her performance.  It is Imagineo's duty to encourage a climate in which team work is favoured as well as each employee’s well-being. To learn more about Imagineo watch our short video "La vie est un jeu d'enfant" that features the five principle associates and all company employees.

We are always searching for new players, so feel free to send us your CV at the following address: