PLAY MODULES stimulate curiosity and inspire young imaginations

Whether in the schoolyard, at daycare centers or to add excitement to a commercial playground environment, Imagineo creates innovative and modular child-size outdoor play structures that engage young minds and prepare kids for the grown-up world beyond - always with children’s safety in mind.

CLIMBING NETS keep kids active, entertained and healthy

Imagineo offers a broad range of climbing-net designs to intrigue youngsters, developing their physical and psychomotor skills while enhancing playground safety. Along with our other sturdy designs for swings, see-saws and slides, they’ll compliment any recreational environment or landscaping project.

OUTDOORS FITNESS: the new way to train for all generations

Our fitness equipment is especially designed to improve public health by encouraging people of all ages to become more active. Beside improving health it helps connect people within communities as a place to meet, interact and socialize in a healthy environment.

Imagineo PLAY SURFACES: soft landings for growing bodies

Imagineo’s resilient play surfaces encourage kids to use designated areas for testing their physical prowess and learning team sports. Municipalities and landscape architects around the world have chosen our durable play surfaces to keep kids safe in a variety of playground and recreational environments.